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"Whew," Clay exhaled, taking off his jacket. "I know we drove home, but it's still friggin' cold outside."

"Yeah," Apollo responded, removing his own jacket. "Odd weather for out here, though. Hot chocolate?" Clay nodded, so Apollo walked into their kitchen and started grabbing things out of the cupboard and preparing the two mugs. "That comedian kind of sucked, didn't he?"

"He was terrible. I still don't understand the joke about the pickle." Apollo grunted in agreement. "We need to get Trucy better gigs."

Apollo placed the mugs into the microwave. "Yeah. I think that place is pretty popular though, so maybe some important people saw her? She did really well." Apollo grabbed a banana off the counter, peeled it, and began to eat it, tearing off his bites and popping them into his mouth.

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Cosmic Love

Feb. 3rd, 2014 07:15 pm
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Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney spoilers ahead

AU where Clay survives the HAT-2 Incident, but is in a coma. Naturally, Apollo visits him every day. Planning this as a one-shot, but if there's enough interest, I could continue it.

The hospital room was colder than what was comfortable, so Apollo made sure to ask a nurse to adjust the heat in the room, if possible. She had given him a smile and told him she would do what she could, but he could sense a patronizing undertone in her words.

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