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"You want what? WHAT? Ohmygosh yes we will be right over!" Trucy squealed into the office phone, jumping up and down. "I'm so happy for you, Thena!" She slammed the phone down with a purpose and turned to Pearl. "We are going to Athena's house! Now!" For her part, Pearl, wide-eyed, nodded and moved with her toward the door.

"What in seven hells is going on?" Phoenix mumbled as he came back out of his office. Apollo and Clay were just as confused, sitting on the couch, drinking cola. "Aren't you supposed to be cleaning the toilet?" He frowned as Apollo rolled his eyes.

"Daddy! Athena has a date!" Trucy rushed to him, pulling his arm, and then met Pearl at the door again. Both were giddy with delight.

"Uh-oh..." Phoenix said, worried she might have randomly asked some guy out to make Simon feel jealous, or to make her feel better about her self, or some other stupid reason.

Trucy pouted. "No, not uh-oh! Simon ran into her at the store and asked her out! It was really cute! They were in the jelly aisle! I mean, that wasn't cute, but the rest of it was!" Pearl sniggered.

"...I see..." Phoenix said, as Clay commented, "That was quick."

Apollo stood, rigid, and said, "Excuse me Athena-chan. Please allow me to take you to dinner. But first, I must acquire grape jelly, for my toast in the morning. Taka-san refuses to eat bread, as he is a carnivore. He likes to eat defense attorneys and doves, as well as the occasional small child. Now that I have my sword back I can kill our own dinner, if you'd like, Athena-kun."

Clay laughed, but then gave Apollo a serious look at pulled him back down onto the couch. "As hilarious as it is to think Athena likes that stick in the mud, he's a cool guy. So be nice."

"A cool guy?" Apollo scoffed. "I mean I like him fine, but he's hardly the epitome of cool."

Just as Apollo appeared to be getting ready to imitate Simon again, Clay interrupted. "He was willing to die for Athena when he thought she accidentally killed her mom."

An intense pang of guilt shot through Apollo as he remembered that case, and how he had reacted when he thought Athena had tried to kill Clay. "Yeah, I guess that's pretty cool," he mumbled, suddenly not in the mood to goof off. "I'm going to go clean the toilet." He did his best not to rush to the bathroom.

"Do you need help?" Clay called after him, turning to look at him, aware of the mood change, but unsure of the cause.

"No." A door shut behind him, and the group could hear a sink running and a toilet flushing.

"Well, we need to be off. Athena has to figure out what to wear!" Trucy grinned, pulling Pearl through the door.

"Wait, when are they getting dinner?" Phoenix asked, glancing at the clock on the wall. "It's only 2pm." He looked back at Clay, who simply shrugged in response.

"Well he's picking her up to go to the Troye Druzey or whatever at 7pm, but she wants to talk to us and then we'll help her get ready." Trucy opened the door and smiled. "It'll be great!"

"Wait, Troye Druzey?" Clay looked at Phoenix. "That place is super expensive."

"Hm..." Phoenix tapped his fingers on his chin. "I think Simon helped out with a case with the owner..."

"Yeah," Trucy responded. "His son was murdered, and Simon found the guy who did it. So their meal is free or something."

"Wow. Lucky girl." Clay leaned back on the couch, eyes closed. "Just think of all the great Russian food there. I met a Russian astronaut once, and he actually invited me and Apollo over for dinner. That was an awesome night. I wonder if Apollo remembers that. He did drink a lot of vod--"

"We're gonna go now!" Trucy's impatience was starting to show through her excitement. "Bye!" she and Pearl said, closing the door behind them. The men could hear them squealing as they headed down the street.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me," Phoenix said, sitting down across from Clay, grabbing a cola from the coffee table, and popping it open.

"Nope! I'm gonna help Apollo." Clay made his way into the bathroom, and Phoenix could hear muffled voices as Clay offered to help. Apollo still sounded disgruntled, Phoenix noted, but didn't think much of it.

"I guess I should consider my own 'date' then, on my own..."

Meanwhile, Trucy and Pearl had barely knocked on Athena's door when it swung open. "So glad you're here! I need help. What the heck do you wear to a Russian restaurant?" Widget was glowing bright green, making the girls even more excited to be there.

"Definitely the bracelet!" Pearl responded, and Trucy nodded. The three of them deliberated for quite some time, with Athena trying on several dresses and Trucy and Pearl judging each one on appearance, whether Simon would like it, and appropriateness for a fancy dinner. Generally speaking, all of Athena's outfits got high marks in the first two, making the last category most influential in their decision. Finally, the group decided that Athena should wear a knee-length black strapless dress with a wide blue ribbon tied around her waist. She would let her hair down, but keep the blue ribbon in her hair, and of course wear the bracelet and her earring. Black flats would work best because of her height. She was set! Except...

"What about Widget?" Trucy asked. "It doesn't really... go with your dress. But you don't really seem... you... without it, either."

Pearl frowned. "I think I'd be nervous if I was on a date with someone and their necklace kept talking or making faces at me when I talked."

"Do you feel nervous around Athena though?" Trucy frowned.

Pearl paused for a moment. "I would if I liked her, I think. But I like Widget! So... I don't know."

"I think I'll wear him," Athena decided after thinking on it for a while. "Widget's based on my mom's technology. Or... wait. I think I have a better idea." She rummaged through a jewelry box on her vanity, finally pulling out a golden necklace with a charm shaped like a moon. "I... haven't worn this since the day... since I lost my mom. I think it's time I wore it."

"Oh, Thena..." Pearl responded, and Pearl and Trucy walked over to give her a hug. "I think you'll look beautiful with it."

Athena glanced in the mirror, Widget glowing yellow. "I hope Simon thinks so too."

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