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May. 17th, 2014 05:25 pm
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A Flighty Affair: Rated T - Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ...
Athena Cykes x Simon Blackquill
Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies spoilers

And it Came to Life: Rated E - One Shot - in [community profile] areyougame
Aura Cykes x Metis Blackquill
Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies Spoilers

Cosmic Love: Rated E - One Shot
Apollo Justice x Clay Terran
Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney spoilers

Escape from the Wastelands: Rated K+ - One Shot
Commission: OC
Jak and Daxter

Food for Thought: Rated M - One Shot - in [community profile] areyougame
Heather x Ilyana
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Fresh Air: Rated K+ - One Shot - for [community profile] trope_bingo
Apollo Justice x Klavier Gavin
Ace Attorney

Forget the Coffee!: Rated M - for [community profile] areyougame 
Adachi Tohru x Ryotaro Dojima
Persona 4

Good Intentions: Rated T - Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 ...
Yu Narukami convinced his parents to allow him to return to Yasogami High School, much to the excitement of the many friends with which he forged such special bonds during his stay last year. However, trouble brews, as familiar and unfamiliar enemies emerge from the fog. Is the culprit out for retribution or salvation? Either way, the road ahead is dangerous.
Persona 3/4

New Beginnings: Rated K - One Shot - in [community profile] areyougame
Apollo Justice x Clay Terran
Ace Attorney

Summer: Rated K - One Shot - in [community profile] areyougame
Rita Mordio x Estellise Sidos Heurassein
Tales of Vesperia

The Way We Are: Rated K - One Shot 
Ike x Soren
Fire Emblem

Fresh Air

Feb. 14th, 2017 02:13 pm
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For Trope Bingo - Round 8, [community profile] trope_bingo 
Locked In

"Funny seeing you up here," Apollo said as the door closed behind him. Before him stood the rockstar prosecutor, Klavier Gavin, standing near the edge of the roof, looking out into the skyline. He appeared to be smoking a cigarette. Apollo crossed the roof to stand next to the man he'd been battling in court all afternoon.

"I was getting some fresh air," Klavier responded flatly, taking a long drag off a cigarette.

Apollo couldn't help but chuckle. "That's certainly what it looks like." He got no response. "I didn't know you smoked."

"It calms me."

Apollo bit his lip, searching for something to chat about. He noted Klavier was staring at something in the distance, but he couldn't quite tell what it would be. The sun was beginning to set, causing the tallest buildings to cast long shadows on everything around them. Still, it was beautiful.Read more... )
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 I decided to give this a shot. I've never actually done one, so wish me luck!

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Feb. 12th, 2017 06:56 pm
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It's really something, getting back into writing.  _φ(* ̄ω ̄)ノ I've written a little over 9,000 words this weekend. 

I'm kind of afraid all the readers I had unfollowed me and/or no longer care about Persona or Ace Attorney, but I guess that's the way it goes. I was kind of surprised that I had comments and reviews waiting for me on FF and AO3 when I logged in, some as late as a few months ago. I guess that is kind of reassuring.

I also feel like I need to replay all of the Ace Attorney games. And, you know, finally play Spirit of Justice. Sigh. It's been a loooooooong couple of months years. 
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"Whew," Clay exhaled, taking off his jacket. "I know we drove home, but it's still friggin' cold outside."

"Yeah," Apollo responded, removing his own jacket. "Odd weather for out here, though. Hot chocolate?" Clay nodded, so Apollo walked into their kitchen and started grabbing things out of the cupboard and preparing the two mugs. "That comedian kind of sucked, didn't he?"

"He was terrible. I still don't understand the joke about the pickle." Apollo grunted in agreement. "We need to get Trucy better gigs."

Apollo placed the mugs into the microwave. "Yeah. I think that place is pretty popular though, so maybe some important people saw her? She did really well." Apollo grabbed a banana off the counter, peeled it, and began to eat it, tearing off his bites and popping them into his mouth.

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Maya's eyes snapped open. She shook her head slightly. Part of her felt as if she'd been asleep for years. The other part felt as if she'd not gotten enough sleep at all. She rolled to her side, watching the sun filter in through the blinds and onto Phoenix's resting face. There was such a sense of peace about him at this time in the morning. She smiled. Her eyes traveled along the lines on his face, the creases forming around his eyes that hadn't been there the year before, the way his lips parted ever so slightly when he breathed out. His hair was a mess, so unlike how it looked when he was on the job. There was no other man on the planet who could make her feel so comfortable, so free. 

Then the guilt set in. 

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This is a gift for Fairy-Red-Hime for the fireemblem-club's Secret Santa event.
Ike stared into the mirror in his tent, trying to understand the emotions present in his normally confident, tranquil eyes. He had been told Soren was Branded a few days ago, and in that conversation had learned what Branded even meant, and begun to understand how this had affected Soren. He'd never heard of the Branded before this, never known the discrimination that having Laguz blood would subject someone to, and now to know the full story of the first day he'd met Soren, that he had never had a friend before Ike...

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Phoenix paced around his office, nervously adjusting his tie. He felt as if his palms had never been so sweaty in his life, and his knees were weak enough to buckle under him. He was alone: Clay and Apollo had left hours ago, Pearl and Trucy had gone to some indie film festival, and Athena was on a date with Simon. Phoenix shook his head, still unable to believe that was happening. Something creaked in the hallway and he nearly gave himself a heart attack. Calm down, he thought to himself. It's just--

"Nick?" a voice called gently, the door knob turning, door opening slightly. Phoenix gulped.

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Athena and Simon were happy to see the pelmeni arrive; truth be told, both were incredibly hungry at that point. Aleksi waited for them to taste it before leaving the table, his eyes fixed primarily on Athena.

Athena bit into the dumplings. "Mm... Is this... Beef, pork, and mutton?" she asked, and Aleksi nodded excitedly.

"It is traditional dish in Izhevsk. We put onion in as well, and garlic." Aleksi rubbed his hands together as Simon nodded, his face surprisingly reflecting that of contentment.

"It is indeed delicious, Aleksi," Simon said, putting his fork down for a moment as he wiped his mouth. "You always outdo yourself, from what I am told. I believe the rumors."

"I will inform the chefs the great Simon Blackquill approves! And the beautiful Miss Athena!" Aleksi rushed to the kitchen.

Athena chuckled. "The great Simon Blackquill, huh?" She put more pelmeni into her mouth.

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"Ngh..." Yosuke gripped his sides, trying not to cough. He felt invigorated, like he could do anything, but he also felt ill, his stomach churning. He could hear voices running through his head. Quickly, he flung his hands over his ears. "No..." His mind was racing. What is going on?

"...I always wanted to tell Hana-chan... that he was a real pain in the ass. I was nice to him because he was the store manager's son, that's all... But he takes it completely the wrong way and gets all enthusiastic. What a dip..."

"Saki-senpai... That wasn't... completely how you felt..." Yosuke began punching the ground. "But you still lied! Why?" His knuckles hurt, but he couldn't stop slamming his knuckles into the black and white tiles.

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A lot of people were asking for a picture of Athena and Simon on their first date, so I went ahead and drew it. It's a little different than the description I gave (for example, her ribbon isn't in her hair in this one, and Simon isn't wearing his Blackquill cufflinks), but I think it's a pretty good picture regardless. DeviantART user zelka94 helped me with the lineart on this one, and I tried out a different coloring style than I normally do. Feedback is definitely more than welcome! Feel free to drop by my deviantART account, AthenaBlackquill.


Chapter Text

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APRIL 12, 2012

Chie sat outside on the upstairs balcony, looking out into the city. She'd never been in such a place before, with so many large buildings, so many people. The closest she'd been to a place like this was Okina City, and that looked like Inaba compared to Los Angeles. The others had gone out some time ago to do some investigation, but Chie couldn't focus. "Ichijo..." she said, rubbing her knee. The pain had dissipated a day or so after Margaret had given her the ointment, but rubbing the knee had become a sort of nervous habit when she was thinking about things.

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"Welcome to KTLA 5 News at 6. Hi, I'm Chris Schauble, and tonight we are going to talk about the pockets of confusion that have swept across the nation. Reports are flowing into police stations in various cities about unusual happenings that are disrupting the way of life for many residents. For instance, in New York City, it seems that some outlandish rumors are turning out to be true, even when they had previously not been. Police are finding it difficult to investigate such instances, especially when they involve much heavier subjects like murder. Here's Cher Calvin with an update."

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"Dude, these places are huge," Kanji commented after Yu managed to find the right key for one of the penthouses. "I have no freaking clue how they got a hold of these."

The penthouses were indeed large. The first floor held a large, fully-furnished gourmet kitchen with a double oven. It also featured a dining area, a bathroom, a bedroom with a walk in closet, and another closet in the the hallway. The dining area featured a large table that could easily seat ten people, and the dining room held two love seats, a recliner, a couch, a fireplace, and a large flat-screen television. The bedroom held a king-sized bed and a large vanity, as well as another large flat-screen television. The bathroom had a walk in shower and everything else a bathroom could possibly need. The second floor held two bedrooms similar to the one downstairs, each with their own bathrooms, also similar to the one downstairs. The remaining floorspace opened up to a balcony with a patio and hot tub. The retractable roof was also a plus.

"I know we're supposed to be pissed off that we're here and all, but..." Yosuke started and trailed off. Several other members nodded. The apartments were the nicest they had ever seen, or even thought about. There was no way they would have been able to afford this, even if they'd all had jobs. Yosuke didn't even want to think about what it would cost to rent.

"Well, senpai, we should sit and talk plans," Rise said finally, after everyone had the chance to explore the apartment.

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Micheal sat up and rubbed his head, groaning. "What the hell happened?" The last thing he remembered was the Hellcat cruiser shaking violently, and a sound of metal piercing metal. Smoke billowed from the frame, and Micheal sighed. "We didn't have many of those left," he grumbled, kicking aside a larger piece of the hull.

"Carlos! Myranda! Jarvis!" Micheal called, forcing himself to stand. He covered his eyes with one hand, his short brown hair shining in the sun. "Wasteland." They would need to find a way back to Haven City before the next sandstorm hit, or worse, before they ran into any Metal Heads. Time was going to be of the essence, he noted as his throat began to dry.

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"Where... are we?" Chie rubbed her eyes as she sat up. Everyone was crumpled on a hill overlooking a large outdoor theater, shaded by the many trees in the area. The theater appeared to have a capacity of about 6000 people, but currently no one was in the crowd or on the stage. The trees lining the hill the theater area gave the area some pleasant shade, and large buildings could be seen in the distance. The sun hung high in the sky, suggesting it was mid-afternoon. In the distance, the group could hear the sounds of cars and trains. Perhaps they were near the city.

"Sniff sniff, sniff sniff... I don't know," Teddie responded despondently. "My nose doesn't seem to be working, and it doesn't seem like we've been here before either."

Rise stood and stretched, wincing as her back popped. "Wait, this place looks familiar... I think I played a concert here once, when I first started performing overseas." She twisted around several times, popping her back a few more times. Back to her bouncy self, she said, "Phew... We landed kind of rough there."

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APRIL 9, 2012

"Ow ow ow owww!" Yosuke Hanamura crashed into a lamp post, his scooter making an ominous crunching sound, paired with the sound of his front headline getting smashed to bits. "Dammit, I just got this repaired!" he lamented, climbing off the scooter and sighing deeply. Yosuke slowly reached down for his scooter and rolled it alongside him as a few girls passed him, giggling. "Great..."

"Are you okay?" a voice behind him asked.

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Athena was nervously brushing her hair when she heard a knock on the door. She set the brush down and took one last look in the mirror. Memories of a quick kiss in a grocery store brought color to her cheeks and she quickly turned, adjusting herself, and made her way to the door, picking up her purse as she went.

"Right on time," she said, swinging the door open. Her mouth opened slightly as she took the sight of him in. Simon wore a double-breasted peak lapel tuxedo, with cufflinks featuring the Blackquill insignia. The most surprising thing, however, would be the light blue tie Simon was wearing.

"Is it... too much?" Simon asked nervously, noticing Athena's blush when she noticed the tie.

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"You want what? WHAT? Ohmygosh yes we will be right over!" Trucy squealed into the office phone, jumping up and down. "I'm so happy for you, Thena!" She slammed the phone down with a purpose and turned to Pearl. "We are going to Athena's house! Now!" For her part, Pearl, wide-eyed, nodded and moved with her toward the door.

"What in seven hells is going on?" Phoenix mumbled as he came back out of his office. Apollo and Clay were just as confused, sitting on the couch, drinking cola. "Aren't you supposed to be cleaning the toilet?" He frowned as Apollo rolled his eyes.

"Daddy! Athena has a date!" Trucy rushed to him, pulling his arm, and then met Pearl at the door again. Both were giddy with delight.

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Simon searched through the aisles, trying to remember where the applesauce was at this grocery store. This was not his regular store. In fact, he'd only been here once or twice, with Athena leading the way each time, but this happened to be along the way to his house from the prison, so he figured he'd pick up a few things. It's not with the fruit, he thought to himself. Perhaps among the canned goods...

He jolted to a halt as he rounded the corner. Shit. Athena stood several feet in front of him, lazily searching through the sushi. She looks upset, he thought, but no matter how he urged himself to move toward her, he couldn't. Instead, he stood there, mouth slightly open. A woman pushing a child in a shopping cart gave him an odd look as she passed, reaching around him for a bag of sour cream and onion chips.

Athena picked up a box of Tako and a box of Kani and put them into the basket she was carrying. She glanced to her right and did a double take. Simon was standing there, not saying anything... or moving, for that matter. Great, the last person I wanted to see right now.

"Simon...?" Athena managed to ask, looking at him with quizzical eyes. "This isn't where you normally shop."

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"We're back!" Phoenix called as he opened the door, hanging his jacket on the coat rack. Trucy and Pearl sped into the room, giggling, and jumped onto the couch. The two groaned in unison as their full stomachs reacted to the quick movements, and they laughed some more.

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