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"Ngh..." Yosuke gripped his sides, trying not to cough. He felt invigorated, like he could do anything, but he also felt ill, his stomach churning. He could hear voices running through his head. Quickly, he flung his hands over his ears. "No..." His mind was racing. What is going on?

"...I always wanted to tell Hana-chan... that he was a real pain in the ass. I was nice to him because he was the store manager's son, that's all... But he takes it completely the wrong way and gets all enthusiastic. What a dip..."

"Saki-senpai... That wasn't... completely how you felt..." Yosuke began punching the ground. "But you still lied! Why?" His knuckles hurt, but he couldn't stop slamming his knuckles into the black and white tiles.

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"Welcome to KTLA 5 News at 6. Hi, I'm Chris Schauble, and tonight we are going to talk about the pockets of confusion that have swept across the nation. Reports are flowing into police stations in various cities about unusual happenings that are disrupting the way of life for many residents. For instance, in New York City, it seems that some outlandish rumors are turning out to be true, even when they had previously not been. Police are finding it difficult to investigate such instances, especially when they involve much heavier subjects like murder. Here's Cher Calvin with an update."

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"Dude, these places are huge," Kanji commented after Yu managed to find the right key for one of the penthouses. "I have no freaking clue how they got a hold of these."

The penthouses were indeed large. The first floor held a large, fully-furnished gourmet kitchen with a double oven. It also featured a dining area, a bathroom, a bedroom with a walk in closet, and another closet in the the hallway. The dining area featured a large table that could easily seat ten people, and the dining room held two love seats, a recliner, a couch, a fireplace, and a large flat-screen television. The bedroom held a king-sized bed and a large vanity, as well as another large flat-screen television. The bathroom had a walk in shower and everything else a bathroom could possibly need. The second floor held two bedrooms similar to the one downstairs, each with their own bathrooms, also similar to the one downstairs. The remaining floorspace opened up to a balcony with a patio and hot tub. The retractable roof was also a plus.

"I know we're supposed to be pissed off that we're here and all, but..." Yosuke started and trailed off. Several other members nodded. The apartments were the nicest they had ever seen, or even thought about. There was no way they would have been able to afford this, even if they'd all had jobs. Yosuke didn't even want to think about what it would cost to rent.

"Well, senpai, we should sit and talk plans," Rise said finally, after everyone had the chance to explore the apartment.

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"Where... are we?" Chie rubbed her eyes as she sat up. Everyone was crumpled on a hill overlooking a large outdoor theater, shaded by the many trees in the area. The theater appeared to have a capacity of about 6000 people, but currently no one was in the crowd or on the stage. The trees lining the hill the theater area gave the area some pleasant shade, and large buildings could be seen in the distance. The sun hung high in the sky, suggesting it was mid-afternoon. In the distance, the group could hear the sounds of cars and trains. Perhaps they were near the city.

"Sniff sniff, sniff sniff... I don't know," Teddie responded despondently. "My nose doesn't seem to be working, and it doesn't seem like we've been here before either."

Rise stood and stretched, wincing as her back popped. "Wait, this place looks familiar... I think I played a concert here once, when I first started performing overseas." She twisted around several times, popping her back a few more times. Back to her bouncy self, she said, "Phew... We landed kind of rough there."

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APRIL 9, 2012

"Ow ow ow owww!" Yosuke Hanamura crashed into a lamp post, his scooter making an ominous crunching sound, paired with the sound of his front headline getting smashed to bits. "Dammit, I just got this repaired!" he lamented, climbing off the scooter and sighing deeply. Yosuke slowly reached down for his scooter and rolled it alongside him as a few girls passed him, giggling. "Great..."

"Are you okay?" a voice behind him asked.

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